Safety first is not a slogan at Mlaker – it’s the guiding principle to everything we do.
We proudly transport 8,500 students daily, and travel 2,900,000 miles every year.

Traveling by bus is one of the safest forms of public transportation, and at Mlaker Transportation we take the safety of our passengers very seriously:

  • Our company has passed various safety inspections to achieve the highest safety qualification from the US Department of Transportation.

  • Before we send one of our buses out on a trip, we thoroughly inspect each and every bus, to ensure that our buses are performing at their top performance.

  • We conduct documented preventative maintenance on all our coaches.

  • Our mechanics are trained and certified.

  • Our drivers are professionals who receive ongoing and documented training.

  • All drivers participate in a federally mandated drug and alcohol testing program.

  • We stay at or below the federally-mandated maximum driving time for passenger-carrying vehicles to ensure passenger safety.

  • All vehicles are equipped with audio and visual recording devices to help ensure safety.

 The management of Mlaker Transportation would like to thank our employees for their hard work and commitment to providing our customers with the highest level of safety when traveling by bus.

Join our team

Mlaker Student Transportation is always looking for new drivers to join our team! Whether you have millions of miles of experience driving, or none at all, we can help you become a safe and competent bus driver. Start your journey with Mlaker by getting in touch today.