Mlaker Transportation sells used charter buses.
All have been part of our fleet, and have been meticulously maintained throughout their years of service with us.

Currently, our inventory includes:


2015 BCA 4500

Low-mileage passenger bus (135,000) with six monitors and DVD player, 100V outlets at seats. Extra-large underbody luggage area.

2008 MCI J4500

Detroit non DEF, Allison non DEF. Well-equipped bus with electrical outlets, DVD player with 6 screens. Ready for service today.

2006 MCI J4500

Detroit pre-emissions engine, Allison, DVD player with 6 screens.

2019-2014 school vans. 9-7passenger.
Call for price

10 – 2018 Bluebird

Propane powered

Air Brake

25,000 average miles.


Join our team

Mlaker Student Transportation is always looking for new drivers to join our team! Whether you have millions of miles of experience driving, or none at all, we can help you become a safe and competent bus driver. Start your journey with Mlaker by getting in touch today.